About me

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Name: Richard Alvarez

Age: 34

Born: Devon, England

Occupation: Mental Health Nurse

Contact: richardalvarez77@hotmail.com

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog about my bicycle tour around the world.

I discovered bicycle touring in 2009 (during the university summer holidays) when a friend and I decided to cycle the circumference of France. We managed 2000 miles (over 5 weeks) before time pressured us into stopping.

france map

france 1

After this we hatched an ambitious plan to cycle the world and 5 years later the dream became a reality.

Cycling has been, like most, something I’ve always done since childhood. Not as a hobby but as a mode of transport. To use it as a means to travel is very enjoyable. Bicycle touring becomes all about the journey. You get a great sense for the country you’re in, its landscapes, its people and culture. Every day is an adventure and it is this that excites me.

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