The route


I started in north west France (accessed by the ferry from the England) on the 1st April 2015.

Stage 1: From here I headed east to southern Germany and follow the Danube river from it’s source in the Black forest to its end in the Black Sea in Romania.

Stage 2: Then I went down to Istanbul, Turkey. Here I met up with a friend and we cycled over central Asia together. First port of call was Georgia then Azerbaijan, we then crossed the Caspian sea into Kazakhstan and continued onward to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Stage 3: It is at this point we met a few other cyclists and rode over the mighty Pamir highway in to Kyrgyzstan. The journey then continued back up into Kazakhstan.

China cancelled! Visa requirements, financial status, timing commitments and it being winter we flew over China to Thailand.

Stage 5: South east Asia started with Bangkok, Thailand and travelling east exploring Cambodia in a loop, back into Thailand and then finally south to Malaysia & Singapore.

Stage 6: From here I flew to Auckland, New Zealand in the north and cycled to Queenstown in the south.

Stage 7: Then I flew to Perth, Western Australia and cycled across the country to Sydney in the East.

Stage 8: I then flew to Los Angeles, USA in the south west and cycled across the country to New York in the north east.

I finished my journey after 16,000 miles on the 15th July 2016.

4 thoughts on “The route

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